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All About the Win is a storytelling podcast dedicated to discussing the wins in our lives. With an aim to bring back old-school storytelling and radio, hosts “Docta” Andraé, Aileen “Likeacholo”, Soarin’ Lauren, and Soul Man Mr. G sit down with local (and national) entrepreneurs to hear them tell their story and describe their greatest achievement. All About the Win will inspire you to take that next step in your business and create a win of your own that you will be proud to share. If you’re ready for a fresh and new podcast, join us in celebrating wins everyone can relate to and be inspired by. Enjoy yourself and share your own successes with others.

The Host

The host of All About the Win Podcast is no stranger to the microphone. The former DJ made his full transition to podcasts in early 2018 with a series of short narratives and other miscellaneous voice-overs. He started All About the Win Podcast in honor of his father; he still has wonderful memories of listening to old-time radio shows with him. This successful entrepreneur loves to explore the world (when it is open), watch professional wrestling, writing, mixing music, reading, and spending time with his teenage daughters and puppy, Gordo.

Andrae Jones

“Docta” Andrae Jones

The Players

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Aileen moved to Tucson, Arizona, to go to school, where she is studying Engineering and Medicine. She is a math whiz who brings her calm, cool, and collected personality to the show as well as adding her “chollo” like humor to the mix. When not on the air, Aileen loves to travel, learn new songs on her ukulele, hang out with friends, and ponder the many mysteries of the world.

Aileen Barraza


A producer, film editor, writer, and so much more. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Soul Man G. G brings his years of knowledge and experience to the show. He is a former professional wrestler under the name of Black Venom and has even created a documentary of his career. When not on the air, you can find him looking for new dishes to create in the kitchen and new professional wrestling tapes to show to Andraé. 

Gerren Ard

“Soul Man G”

The Intern

The newest edition to the All About the Win Family, Taffarii brings with him experience in voice acting as well as adding overall zaniness to the mix, plus his amazing voice, witty remarks, and contagious laugh. When not on the air, Taffarii spends time with his girlfriend, watches unique shows on Netflix, and plays computer games.

Taffarii Celestine

“Taffaraii The Intern”

The Sound Engineer

This bright young addition to the All About the Win Family is the reason why the shows sound so good. The Ohio native joined the team as an intern interested in learning how to record and produce sound and now serves as the Sound Engineer and the person who powers every episode. In her off time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, playing her guitar, figuring out old and new music, and fixing up her car.

Harley Mobley

“Harley D. Quinn”



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Recent Episodes

Nathan Billings is a visual artist and musician who came from very humble beginnings, starting his adventure in Carson City, NV, before moving to Phoenix and then here to Tucson, Arizona.  He launched his own visual arts company called Villustrations, where he makes visual art designs for his customers. When he was younger, he was influenced by his older sister who was really into groups such as Dr. Dre, Tupac, Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, and all of the hip hop groups of the 90s.  He then decided to make hip hop his own personal medium through which he expresses himself.  He has just released a short 7-song EP called NV and that EP IS HOT, with some amazing tracks that will make your body move without you even knowing it.

Nathan Billings
Episode 20: All About the Music Part 4

Angela VanBlargan
Episode 19: All About the Finance

Our guest today is a graduate from the University of Arizona, where she obtained two bachelor’s degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.  Her unique combination of her university degrees and her passion for helping people inspired her to become a financial professional, where she can now empower individuals and families to plan for their financial futures. She focuses primarily on servicing K-12 school district employees?? and their families.  In her free time, she loves to travel and was inspired by annual trips during her childhood to her family’s home in Greece. This has led to her interest in traveling around the world, which she plans to resume when conditions allow. She also volunteers her time to helping develop leaders all over the world to discover and tap into their inner greatness.

Disclaimer: Angie VanBlargan offers securities through Equitable Advisors, LLC (NY, NY 212-314-4600), member FINRA, SIPC (Equitable Financial Advisors in MI & TN).  This podcast is not meant to be investment or tax advice.  AGE-158472 (4/21)(Exp. 4/23)

Kathleen Goodin comes from the West Indies nation of Jamaica and became a US citizen in 1972.  She was the first person in her family to graduate from college, graduating from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in math and computer science, after which she went on to start working as a software engineer with General Dynamics in California. It was there she became one of the early adopters of working from home, where she was able to have a career while still being the primary caregiver for her three children. In 2015 she lost interest in software development and decided to pursue a career in nutrition and integrative health. In 2019 she earned a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Kathleen Gooden
Episode 18: All About the Food

Randy Maier
Episode 17: All About the Plant-Based Achiever

Randy Maier is a Tucson native whose passion is working with people! From his early beginnings in the service industry helping friends (that’s right folks, he doesn’t have clients, only friends) with the purchase or sale of a home, he went on to ultimately helping them plan for their financial future through insurance.  He is a man who wears many hats, including REALTOR and Insurance Broker as well as Bar Consultant. He is a man who believes in “People first, good energy in, and everything else just kind of works out for the best.”

Ken Alexander is a United States Marine Corps veteran and returning guest from our first episode of All About the Win Podcast Season 2. He is the owner of an award-winning barbecue restaurant here in Tucson, Arizona, Ken’s Hardwood BBQ. Today he is here to talk about his other brilliant company, Hair Rules.  Hair Rules is more than just a salon based in New York City. Their mission is to empower people by showing them how to embrace their hair naturally, who they are, and the gift that God gave them… themselves… resulting in a high level of confidence and self-acceptance. Ken also has a podcast called “Get Your BBQ On with Ken Alexander” that you can find on Spotify, Anchor.FM, Google Podcast, and Apple Podcast (where I may or may not be assisting as a co-host).

Ken Alexander (Hair Rules)
Episode 16: All About the Hair

Michael Tucker
Episode 15: All About the Coach

Tucker Coaching and Consulting leverages the power of your inner wisdom, executive coaching, spirit, and the ancestors to cultivate and accelerate the performance of high-impact, Black executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and other leaders of color. We are the antidote to life on other people’s terms, glass ceilings, plateaued revenue streams, constrained self-expression, poor communication habits, and legacies on hold. Individuals, teams, and groups partner with us to retrieve their highest GOOD from the emerging future. Our bliss is watching you become limitless.

Zimmermann Chiropractic is a family practice where all age groups can be treated. We do hands-on chiropractic using diversified and gonstead techniques. We also use the activator when needed. We adjust the full spine as well as extremities. We also do trigger point therapy, hot packs, e-stim, and have an intersegmental traction table. We treat patients for neck and back pain, headaches, sciatica, shoulder pain, elbow pain, carpal tunnel, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, and much, much more. We treat personal injury cases for individuals that have been in automobile accidents.

Dr. Chris Zimmermann
Episode 14: All About the Body

Zep Holmes
Episode 13: All About the Unity

The Brothers Keepers Coalition is a nonprofit organization that started out as an idea to minimize the violence between neighborhoods/”colors” and to show youth that unity is better than division and it is very easy to encourage others to do. Him and his team have led many events such as the 1st Annual Neighborhood BBQ bringing gangs from all sides of town together and a backpack drive in 2019.

In this powerful episode of All About the Win Podcast, the group talks about the African American community is on the rise and the impact that Black Lives Matter Movement has had on the community and beyond. 

The group chat with the new President of the Dunbar Coalition Sam Brown & their newest member Drew Barryhill about the history of the Dunbar Pavilion and their greatest accomplishments thus far. Plus, the group handles their first “bad” review.

It’s another fun episode you just can’t miss.

Sam Brown & Drew Barryhill
Episode 12: All About the Community

Gerhard Be Beer
Episode 11: All About the Home

Guild Mortgage is second-to-none. They are a direct lender on the secondary market which means they have less overlays (everything to be explained). I work in a branch of seasoned vets in the industry where we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in every type of loan. Guild also services their customer’s portfolios, which means we are not done with clients when we fund your loan. Your loan won’t get sold on the secondary market.

Serenity Senior Services is a locally owned company that assists families and their aging loved ones find placement for assisted living, memory care, and independent living throughout Southern Arizona. Tom Pothoff and Danny Klein started Serenity Senior Services almost 5 years ago and have assisted over 800 families with their long-term care needs. They have a selective vetting criteria for the senior living communities and adult care homes in which they place. Since they started their business, they have vetted over 300 senior living options in Southern Arizona and work with only around 50 places. Their motto is that they are Doctor Recommended, Family-Approved as they partner with over 100 local primary care/geriatric physicians to help their patients find the right senior living option.

Tom Pothoff
Episode 10: All About the Seniors

Edgar Ybarra
Episode 9: All About the Media

Edgar Ybarra is a two-time Emmy award-winning, 17-year broadcast TV news veteran Photojournalist/Editor (currently at NBC affiliate KVOA News 4 Tucson) and an award-winning independent short/feature film Writer/Director.  Born and raised in the suburban Los Angeles, Ca area, Ybarra has long since set his sights on producing narrative market value content results that are both compelling and substantive and will continue to do so unwaveringly.


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