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Clint Pittenger, AKA, DJ Kristian Starr, an eighties teen, born and raised around Los Angeles, was influenced by his father, Mel Harris Pittenger, who worked for several motion picture companies. Inspired by screenwriters to write and possibly get his foot in the door, Clint found the music scene and began playing guitar and bass in local garage glam bands. As the music scene toughened, he discovered DJing and found his love spinning at the night clubs. Eventually, he met Angela, who would later become his wife, and moved to Tucson in 1996 to help his mother and grandmother. Once settled, Clint began to build his DJ business, Starlightdeejays, and for twenty-five years has played at weddings, parties, and more. While DJing, he met screenwriters and musicians and continued writing and working on a music project called “aghostinblackclothes,” _located on bandcamp. The style is electronic ambient and has gained a lot of positive feedback from all over the world. To this day, Clint and Angela continue to work as a team for weddings and events. She handles all the photography and their son, Noah, assists, and sometimes is the videographer. You can find them at

DJ Kristian Starr
Episode 8: All About the Music Pt 3

Mo'Fly Entertainment
Episode 7: All About the Music Part 2

Tucson Local Musicians turned music producers made the transition from live shows full time, with sharing talents with other local musicians in the production of their music and more Co-lab with other artist at the local level. Mo’Fly Started as a “how we can take something we already do, and make it better” moment. It is our firm belief that you can change the world if you just add the “F- Molecule” to your music, the way you sway the, way you vibrate.

Roh Pye was introduced to music at age 16 and then started pursing music after graduating from high school. In 2009, he founded his first company, Kush Entertainment and traveled and performed in multiple entities and with different my artist including songs with the legendary Doomsday Productions and the late Nestor The Owner. And he also worked with Kanye West’s writer, Malik Yusef. He is now the proud owner of Genius X Design and Pharaoh Apparel.

Ricardo “Roh Pye” Barrow
Episode 6: All About the Music Pt 1

Mark Lennox
Episode 5: All About the Care

Mark Lennox is a native Tucsonan who is the owner of Coming Home HealthCare Services were he and his team specialize in providing quality home healthcare need for families and their loved ones. He is also a coach for Youth Football and have been doing this for over 30 years. He also sits on the Force Review Board with the Tucson Police Department and with the Tucson Board of Elections as a Troubleshooter. Mark is also a proud Navy Veteran.

Since 2011, Natali has been competing in the Bikini Division of the National Physique Committee (NPC). In September of 2013, she started her personal training and coaching career. Now, her mission is to help those looking to compete, workout pre- and post-pregnancy, or anyone looking to get their health and body back through proper eating and exercise. She operates out of a private gym in Tucson, Arizona. This space allows for more accessibility, flexibility in scheduling, and an overall relaxed environment for my clients.

Natali Medlen
Episode 4: All About the Glutes

Sadie Shaw
Episode 3: All About the Children

Sadie Shaw embodies the creative new perspective that the Tucson Unified School District governing board needs in order to better meet the needs of the community and students it serves. As a parent of a 2nd grader in the district, Sadie has a personal stake in the direction of TUSD. As a native Tucsonan, Sadie understands the community she lives in and the issues specific to TUSD. Sadie’s dedication and commitment to the betterment of the Tucson community have prepared her to be a knowledgeable, passionate, and effective advocate for the students and teachers of TUSD. Her background as an artist and art educator has fostered her imaginative and creative approach toward problem-solving and management solutions. Sadie will ensure that all members of the TUSD community’s voices are heard, and she will be a committed advocate for all students and staff in the Tucson Unified School District.

Le’Sean Marks originally from Phoenix, AZ is a master trainer and holds various fitness and health certifications. While competing, he noticed an edge that he could have on his competition if he fueled his body properly. This is when his passion for fitness and nutrition grew for not only athletes but the general population. With this growing passion for people to be healthy holistically, it began to transform his training. Now as the owner of Marquee Training. Le’Sean focuses on building people through fitness & nutrition, physically, mentally, & emotionally. He is an advocate for mental health for athletes along with living a holistic lifestyle within the community.

Le’Sean Marks
Episode 2: All About the Transition

Ken Alexander
Episode 1: All About The Barbecue

Ken Alexander is the founder of the award-winning restaurant Ken’s Hardwood BBQ in Tucson, AZ., the Host of Get Your Barbecue On radio show and podcast, and CEO of Hair Rules, a Texture Inspired Hair Care Beauty Brand in New York City, NY. Reared by a single mom where community, family, and food were at the center of daily life, Ken came to love old-fashioned southern cooking and the magical way it brings people together. His early years as a US Marine, college football athlete, and graduate assistant coach taught him the value of focus, hard work, and discipline. In his career as a global business development executive, he traveled internationally and enjoyed experiencing new cultures through developing friendships, exploring communities, and local cuisine. Now a successful restauranteur and business executive, Ken is inspired by projects that positively affect, uplift, and empower people.

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